Workshops presented by dance: made in canada (Aug 11, 12, and 14)

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Cost: $15 ($5 for festival artists); two workshops for $25, three for $35

Email to sign up; pre-registration required


Law of Proximity with MACHiNENOiSY’s Delia Brett and Daelik

Thursday, August 11 (10:30am – 12:00pm)

Dovercourt House, 2nd Floor
805 Dovercourt Road, Toronto

We will begin the class by arriving in the space physically, emotionally and mentally. Through a series of relatively still/slow exercises designed to let go of high-tone muscularity and encourage the release of the joints and connective tissues, we will build a connection with our body on a deeper level.  Alone, in pairs and collectively we will explore gravity and the inner energy that comes from our center and moves through our whole body right to the periphery. An emphasis will be placed on how to move with an active/relaxed body.  We will explore varying qualities of touch and pressure and some partnered gentle touch or bodywork that prepares the student to have a dialogue of listening and responding through touch.  All of this will prepare the participant to be ready for being in the present moment and moving from the senses.

Open to all levels

Contemporary Dance Class with Jung-Ah Chung

Friday, August 12 (10:30am – 12:00pm)

Windbourne Studio, National Ballet School
400 Jarvis Street, Toronto

Jung-Ah Chung is one of Canada’s most lively dance artists in the contemporary dance scene. Her class will have you playing with time and space. The class makes your body to warm and prepares you for a maximum variety of movement thorough exercises while focusing on resourceful use of force, and use of weight. From floor work, to standing exercises, to jumping combinations- this workshop explores an organic integrated way to dance.

Open to professional and pre-professional dancers

Ballet with a Twist with Lina Cruz

Sunday, August 14 (10:30am – 12:00pm)

Windbourne Studio, National Ballet School
400 Jarvis Street, Toronto

With a background in classical ballet as much as in contemporary styles, Lina Cruz also takes interest in martial arts and various forms of stage expression. Through this workshop, Lina Cruz shares her approach in training. Her class erases boundaries, offering a short warm-up followed by a ballet class phrased with elements and dynamics of diverse styles.
The class is accompanied on piano by Philippe Noireaut, musician who is part of the performing cast of Soupe du jour, piece presented by Fila 13 Productions in d:mic/fac 2011.

Open to professional and/or intermediate advanced dancers.
* Please wear ballet slippers or socks.

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