Choreographic Dialogues: Lola MacLaughlin

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Dance Collection Danse has posted the fifth installment of the Choreographic Dialogues Series, curated by Carol Anderson.
This edition features a conversation about Lola MacLaughlin and is particularly poignant as it was recorded the day before Lola passed away on March 6, 2009. Her company, Lola Dance, was on tour in Toronto and an audience at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre had the privilege of listening to an engaging conversation between Bernard Sauvé, part of Lola’s management team; Caroline Farquar, a dancer and student of Lola’s; and Alison Denham, a dancer who had recently stepped into a role in Lola’s Provincial Essays, which was the choreographic work presented in Toronto.

The website component of Choreographic Dialogues combines transcripts of each presentation mixed with photographs and video clips.

Click here to read the perspectives of three artists who worked closely with Lola MacLaughlin:

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