Series 8:08 – CPW, TAKE TWO and residency – Call to Artists!

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Our Choreographic Performance Workshop (CPW) is a unique environment and platform that supports choreographic enquiry. We provide a forum where as a choreographer you can practice your creativity and research; and where choreographic works-in-progress can be discussed, explored and experienced. Series 8:08 also provides a venue for sharing practice, discussion and reflection.

Within the CPW program is TAKE TWO. It is an opportunity to show your work-in-progress a second time after a short period of reflection. This 2011/12 season we are thrilled to introduce and offer two residencies, in partnership with Hub 14, for selected TAKE TWO artists. These residencies will provide the two selected participants with time and space at Hub 14, to further research their artistic processes.

The first deadline for Take Two residency applications is September 27th at 5pm!
Residency participants will be chosen from the applicants. This deadline applies if you wish to participate in the November Take Two performance and residency.

What we provide:
* We provide participating choreographers with a performance venue, stage manager, technicians, general publicity, a fee to help cover the costs of performing, a DVD of the performance, written comments from the audience members and informal discussions after each show.
* Choreographers are welcome to participate in Series 8:08’s Resident Outside Eye (ROE) program, an opportunity for all CPW choreographers to receive a more in-depth written response from an established dance artist on their works-in-progress. Our ROE’s for the 2011/12 season are Sylvie Bouchard, Susie Burpee, Susan Cash, Heidi Strauss and TBA.
* Payment policy for CPW Choreographers: The choreographers are guaranteed $125 each. Any box office revenue over the amounts paid to the choreographers is split between the choreographers.

Limited space is available and TAKE TWO is a first come first serve platform. There are only two (2) RESIDENCY slots available. TAKE TWO residencies require an additional application to be completed.

RESIDENCIES: Interested choreographers must apply to a regular CPW for either October or January and send in a second application to Take Two and must be available to present again in November or February.

Contact us for more information and an application form!

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