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The Coco Framboise School of Burlesque http://www.cocoframboise.compresents: BURLESQUE UNIVERSITY!

In association with the Toronto Burlesque Festival , BURLESQUE UNIVERSITY invites you to learn the tricks of the trade from the best in the biz — including the reigning queen of burlesque, MISS INDIGO BLUE!
We’re proud to welcome a whole host of star faculty from across the continent right here to Toronto for weekend workshops on Saturday, July 23rd!

Join us at the Lower Ossington Theatre (100-A Ossington, 2nd floor, studio A) for a full day of teasing and grinding — plus learn about some of the business behind the burlesque!

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SATURDAY, JULY 23RD, 10:30AM – 6:00 PM


1. 10:30am-11:30am — MELODY MANGLER (Vancouver) — $25

How to Get More Wiggle in your Jiggle!

The isolation of your body parts is the best way to bring undivided attention to them. Learn the many ways to wrap your hips into figure 8’s, glorious grinds and enticing algorithms, as well as writhing and rolling chest, arms and body. Guaranteed to add jungle lust to any dance repertoire!

2. 11:30am-12:30pm — BURGUNDY BRIXX (Vancouver) — $25

‘Hey kids! Wanna put on a show?’ – Producing 101

Ever want to produce but have no idea where to start? Learn all the basics for successfully producing your own burlesque show. We get into the true reality of the world of producing including the differences in dealing with theatres, bars/nightclubs and private events. Other topics include contracts, and the burlesque producer’s obligations to venue, performer and community. Handouts will be given. Please bring along something to take notes with as well.

3. 12:30pm-1:30pm — JETT ADORE (Chicago) — $25

Secrets of Star Quality

What makes a star a star? Approaching this art from an actor’s perspective, explore Jett Adore’s ‘5 S’s of Burlesque’. Overcome self-consciousness and learn to transform and elevate your performance into a true showstopper. Open to men and women. Bring a boa. Some boas available for class use.

4. 1:30pm-3:00pm — MISS INDIGO BLUE (Seattle) and COCO FRAMBOISE (Toronto) — $35

Semi-Private Structured Showings with Miss Indigo Blue, Reigning Queen of Burlesque
Assisted by Coco Framboise, Dean of Toronto Burlesque University

Using the techniques and guidelines developed in 7 years of teaching at the Academy of Burlesque in Seattle, Miss Indigo Blue will conduct the Academy’s ‘Structured Showings’ curriculum with the participants of this session limited to 6. Each participant must arrive to class in costume and bring music and any props, ready to show an act. During the session, each student will show their work and receive structured feedback and guidance from Indigo, Coco, and the other participants. This session is applicable to those who have already performed in public, and is most applicable to those who have been performing regularly for some time. This session will also provide participants with a framework for providing kind, honest, and constructive feedback to others when asked.

Profits from this class will be donated to the Burlesque Hall of Fame ‘Queen’s Fund’.

5. 3:00pm-4:30pm — DARLINDA JUST DARLINDA (NYC) — $30

‘Oh how I love you!’ Connecting with the audience

In order to do what we do, we need the audience! There is hardly ever a fourth wall in burlesque, our fourth wall is ‘the tease’. The Latin root of Entertain is ‘to hold’ and as entertainers we must hold the audience and by doing that we love them! In this class you’ll learn all the vital skills of loving and connecting to your audience, body language, internal dialogue and eye contact! Bring clothing you can move in and an open heart!


Structured Playtime with Trixie Little and The Evil Hate Monkey

Drawing on 9 years of training and performing together, Trixie and Monkey combine physical theater, clown and burlesque games into an hour play time for performers of any level. A varied, fun and challenging way to discover something new about your approach to burlesque movement! This workshop is for anyone interested in thinking on your feet, improvising, increasing your connection to an audience, staying present, finding authentic moments and approaching the creative process in a lighthearted way. Minimum of 8 students required to hold class.

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