Call for Installations – In Memory: Something that happens after the then, and before now

In Call to Artists on July 4, 2011 by danceumbrella

It’s strange how we mine the past to inform the future, when the facets that inform our collective memory (our visual archives, our written and oral accounts) are so often flawed, unstable and incomplete.

What is memory? A mental note. Something that changes and degrades over time. A vague recollection. Something palpable. A taste. A smell. A lie?
‘In Memory: Something that happens after then, and before now’ is an exhibition that examines the instability of remembering.
Over the period of six weeks, pairs of artists are asked to take on the challenge of working together to create a collaborative art installation that uses ‘remembering’ as part of the creative process, and memory (or memories) as material. Artists are encouraged to examine the relationships between memory, documentation and truth, and to explore ways of re-imagining or reinterpreting the past.

To submit a proposal, please email us the following:
1) The full name of participating collaborators (2 in total)
2) A brief bio of each collaborator (short and sweet is preferred)
3) A project description of proposed installation
4) Any additional supporting/portfolio material that may enhance proposal (this one’s optional)
Note: Artists are expected to financially support their own projects.

Send proposals to (subject heading ‘In Memory’)
All applicants will be notified of the results on July 7th.
*In Memory is curated by Annie Onyi Cheung, John Loerchner and Laura Mendes and is produced by Labspace Studio. Visit In Memory Project website for details:

Contact Info: Labspace Studio | 416-836-1516 | 2A Pape Ave., Toronto | |

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