Call for Submissions – Junctions Arts Festival 2011

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The Junction Arts Festival is from September 5-14th!

This is a call for artists and street performers to submit an application to be part of this year’s festival, the submission can be found at .

Festival overview

The Junction Arts Festival offers a cutting-edge combination of classic arts, community arts and popular culture. The ethos of the festival is to present the arts as necessary, relevant, accessible and exciting. The Junction is populated by a great mix of bright, savvy and curious people interested in making new discoveries, and widening their knowledge though the arts.

Many are already be involved with the arts either as practitioners or enthusiasts, but the festival appeals equally to those who feel they know nothing about art, theatre or modern dance but are simply curious. The festival looks at the zeitgeist of the city with insight, humour, purpose, action and irreverence. It showcases traditional art forms through fresh eyes, and champions emerging talent.

This year’s Junction Arts Festival takes place from September 5 to 14, 2011. It is the highlight of the communities cultural year. There will be music, visual arts, theatre, dance, comedy, outdoor sculpture, children’s events and free family activities. Stunning, unique, versatile, adapting – the Junction community is the finest locale in the City of Toronto for a mixed arts festival. The excitement begins with opening celebrations on our own Dundas Street West festival lot with its purpose-built stage, featuring performances and a rundown of festival activities. September 10 launches a weekend of great food, music, comedy and nonstop arts activity.

The Junction Forum for Art and Culture (JFAC) is an arts presenting body whose main project is the annual Junction Arts Festival. JFAC was incorporated as a non-profit group in February 2004.

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