10-Week e-Course – Don’t Get Good at What You Don’t Want to Be Doing

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10-Week, Business Building e-Course
July 10th – September 17th, 2011

What’s New? e-Course: Don’t Get Good at What You Don’t Want to Be Doing
July 10th – September 17th, 2011

MorenaMedia’s 10-Week Business Building e-Course for Self-Employed Artists & Healers [Don’t Get Good e-Course]

A business without a marketing plan is like sitting in a rocking chair and telling everyone you’re moving forward. Creative and holistic business owners especially do a disservice to those who need their services by not marketing and promoting themselves. If you really want to be of service, get out of that rocking chair and get real. This on-line course will walk you through all the necessary steps to create a practical marketing plan. Based on our seminar curriculum, this on-line version will benefit those who are self-directed, motivated and willing to put the time and effort into readings, homework and journaling exercises. You will benefit from peer and mentor feedback through on-line discussions and a supportive, engaging environment to network with your peers. Upon completion, you will have a personalized, year-long action plan, a very strong focus for your business, a practical promotional strategy and increased confidence on how to move forward with your business.

Who is this e-course for? Those who need help with and run a creative or healing arts business. Those who are starting a
creative or healing arts business. Full details can be found at
This e-course is generously supported by: CARFAC Ontario: The Association of Professional Visual & Media Artists CADA-ON: Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists–Ontario Chapter Canada Arts

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