Event: The War & Peace Marathon

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Tuesday June 28th – Thursday June 30th, 2011
You’ve heard of extreme sports, but what about extreme reading?

tiny bird theatre and Sore For Punching You invite you to an event that celebrates the athleticism of the written word!  This is a 55-hour, cover-to-cover reading of Leo Tolstoy’s masterpiece, War and Peace. No interruptions!

In a city of constant hustle, how does the average citizen make time for art and literacy? War and Peace is the quintessential novel that everyone has heard of, but very few have read. The War and Peace Marathon tackles this dilemma with a witty, over-the-top engagement, by turning a solitary activity into a dynamic public event.

The War and Peace Marathon is an event that celebrates literacy; it is a piece of performance art that relies on stamina and community; it is a fundraiser for our upcoming Summerworks show: Combat, the first collaboration between theatre-maker Claire Calnan (voted Top Theatre Artist of 2009 by NOW Magazine) and choreographer/multi-disciplinary artist Allison Cummings (KM Hunter Award nominee, Winner of Toronto Emerging Artist Award for Dance in 2000)

The event will take place at the Winston Churchill statue at the southwest corner of Nathan Phillips Square overlooking Queen Street. It will begin at 9am on Tuesday June 28th and runs until the book is done- which by our estimates will be around 5pm on Thursday June 30th. What better way to lead up to Canada Day than by engaging in a communal act of insanity that draws upon a variety of Toronto denizens for a night and day unstoppable narration?

This is an inclusive event that will mingle public figures with the average citizen. Readers include Jeff Melanson (the Mayor’s special advisor on Arts and Culture), Sean Dixon (writer: The Girls Who Saw Everything, The Many Adventures of Kip Flynn), Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall (journalist and writer: Down to This), Jenny Young (star of CBC’s Aghanada), Brendan Gall (from CBC television’s Men With Brooms), as well as members of Combat’s cast and crew, which includes some of Toronto’s most acclaimed theatre and dance artists.

Come watch us straddle Tolstoy’s masterwork with verve and dexterity! The narration must never stop! Not rain, nor sleet, nor burning eye of heaven will stop us in our endeavor! See you June. 28th when the story begins!

WHERE: Nathan Phillips Square, 100  Queen St West. Southwest Corner near the Winston Churchill Statue
WHEN: June 28th @ 9am until June 30th @ 5pm

FOR UPDATES on our reader’s list, and hourly progress reports during the event- follow us on Twitter @ tinybirdtheatre

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