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New choreographic works by Kathleen Rea
and a participatory knitting/dance installation outside the theatre


VIVID4 is the fourth incarnation of VIVID, an intensely engaging performance by critically acclaimed and DORA-nominated REAson d’etre dance productions.

Check out the video blog!:

Show # 1 The Wild In Us                                 

7:00 to 7:30 pm, Thursday June 23 to Saturday June 25, 2011 

1:00 to 1:30 pm, Sunday June 26, 2011

Show # 2 Unravelling The Tight Weave        

8:30 pm, Thursday June 23 to Saturday June 25, 2011
2:30 pm, Sunday June 26, 2011

In the hour between shows, enjoy the giant knitting/dance installation occurring outside the theatre, or grab a bite to eat at local restaurants. On Friday and Saturday there is also an 8:00 pm chat: The Art of Dance Dramaturgy with Kathleen Rea and Tristan Whiston.

SHOW # 1 The Wild In Us: How do we connect with nature when we grow up in a concrete city and the wild is something “out there” that is not part of our everyday living? What happens to our relationship to our animal body when we separate ourselves from our natural world? We are animals and cannot tame the animal out of us. Fourteen dancers, ages 18 to 24, explore the need to know the animal within in order to become more human.

SHOW # 2 Unravelling the Tight Weave: Three larger-than-life balls of yarn. A scarf that spans the width of the stage. Eleven dancers, ages 20 to 60, knit and unravel physically and emotionally as they travel through the piece, searching for their connecting thread. Explore how we can only truly embrace life when we learn to let go.

CHOREOGRAPHER’S BIOGRAPHY: Kathleen recently won the K.M Hunter dance award and was nominated for a 2009 DORA for outstanding choreography. She is a former National Ballet Company of Canada ballerina who is now a doyenne of contact dance. Rea creates dance-theatre combining contrasting influences of ballet and contact dance with her own style and artistic sense. Her choreography is human and character-driven and physically embodied. The dancers move every cell in their bodies. You will feel as if your own body moves with the dancers, and that your heart has had a workout.

LOCATION: Winchester Street Theatre, 80 Winchester Street, Toronto.

TICKETS:  search “dance” and scroll down to VIVID4 or call 1-888-222-6608

The Wild In Us
Youth ages 15 to 25: free or pay-what-you-can
Adult: $5 to $10 based on what you can afford. Tickets at door. No advance sales

Unravelling The Tight Weave
Youth ages 15 to 25, student, CADA or Dramaturgy Conference: $15 advance, $20 at door
Adult: $22 advance, $30 at door

PERFORMERS: The Wild In Us performers: current students and graduates of George Brown Dance: Cheryl Chan, Mallory Belzile, Jaquelin Brown, Samantha Farruggio, Emily Goulet, Kirstie Keenan, Marc Kwapis, Leora Kirshenblatt, Heather Lumsden-Ruegg, Sarah MacDonald, Lauren Runions, Victoria Seguin, Eric Solu and Vanessa Vici.

Unravelling The Tight Weave performers: REAson d’etre company dancers and guest artists: Yves Candau, Miranda Forbes, Samantha Farruggio, Janet Johnson, Karen Kaeja, Kirstie Keenan, Suzanne Liska, Sarah MacDonald, Yvonne Ng, Jessica Runge, Holly Small, Teisha Smith and Lee Walder.

DRAMATURGY: Tristan Whiston



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