Intro to Action Theatre – TAUGHT BY MAXINE HEPPNER – Sat JUNE 11

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Intro to Action Theatre

Sat JUNE 11 : 10AM-2PM

Space is limited : email >

Ruth Zaporah’s spontaneous creation and improvisation technique for movers and sounders in dance and theatre
It is a practice of presence.


Maxine trained and performed with Ruth Zaporah from 1991. She became certified as trainer in 1996.

$50 (CADA discount available)

Did you see Susanna Hood and Sarah Bild at Older and Reckless? This is what they were doing.

THE WORKSHOP welcomes everyone interested in body-based improvisation and wishing to enhance and refine their expressive imagination, develop vocal, verbal and physical performance skills; dancers, actors, dance/movement therapists, teachers, etc.

This workshop is based on the following principles:

ACTION THEATER is a discovery of new forms of expression. Its main work mode is physical: the physical body and feelings that are contained inside. The training helps performers expand their physical forms and inhabit those forms with humanity.

Through the practice of working solo and with partners, Action Theater(TM) develops a better understanding of ensemble architecture, the use of space and composition.

In exercises, all action is broken down into shifts, transformations and/or development. These exercises help establish the balance between inner and outer awareness. They specifically limit areas of action and response so that students open to the unknown, break free of fear and embrace the unfamiliar. Action Theater(TM) includes sound/vocal work, language and movement.

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