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Following the successful delivery of workshops and classes across the province since moving from B.C. to Toronto in the fall of 2010, Annemarie Cabri’s unique way of engaging students from elementary to secondary schools has caught the attention of educators in this province.

For the first time in Toronto, Cabri will offer a weekend workshop to further enrich teachers’ skills and knowledge of dance. What is a Brain-compatible class really all about?

‘The physical exuberance of the participants in her workshops is a perfect object lesson in the necessity of movement as an expression of our deepest feelings. The revelation was as important for the teachers of the participants as it was for the students themselves.’
Artistic Director, YOUdance, National Ballet Company of Canada.

Cabri’s work of over 20 years in the field derives its base from the work of Anne Green Gilbert, Seattle, WA. The unique and easily learnt brain and body connection warm-up sequences through every human’s natural hard-wired movement possibilities. This sequence is adaptable to all ages and abilities and is layered over a concept-based lesson plan.
This new and accessible method is adaptable to current class lesson plans and falls within the Ontario Dance curriculum.

‘I was amazed at the boys having success and engagement in this class, it wasn’t anticipated.’ Teacher, Monterey Middle School.

‘This workshop helps you actually be the dance, as opposed to just doing the dance’.
Grade 11 student, Sudbury Secondary intensive.

Invited are dance studio, gym, music and classroom teachers as well as anyone interested in fresh insights. Material covered will include strategies to improve the teacher’s understanding of the relationship between movement dysfunction and academic success and how to create a happy and engaged class for both teacher and students alike.

Workshop Leader: Annemarie Cabri
Venue: Dancemakers Centre for Creation, Distillery District, Toronto
Dates: August 26 6-8pm / August 27 9:30-4:30pm and August 28 10-3pm
Cost: $225 (discounts available)

For registration and more information
Click on HYPERLINK “
Call 416-656-1618

About Annemarie Cabri

Following her early training at The School of Dance in Ottawa, Cabri graduated from The National Ballet School of Canada. She began her professional career with The Dutch National Ballet and later danced with numerous choreographers in Vancouver’s vibrant contemporary dance scene.
Cabri now lives in Toronto and returns to Victoria, BC, to lead summer workshops. Since opening Cabri Creative Dance School in Victoria 15 years ago, Cabri has observed, studied, and danced with everyone from tots to seniors in classrooms, studios, child centres, nursing homes, colleges, outdoor landscapes and community events with a conceptual approach and Anne Green Gilbert’s newly developed Brain-Compatible dance.

Cabri has been awarded arts grants to further study the connection between the brain and body and to share her experience with students and teachers. Arriving in Toronto in the fall of 2010, Cabri now works in the education department of Canada’s National Ballet Company and is a guest facilitator and workshop leader in a wide variety of teaching environments.

Annemarie Cabri
Director ~ Dancer ~ Choreographer ~ Brain-compatible Class
Tel: 416-656-1618 http://barefootballerinas.blogspot.com

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