In, Of and With – Directed by Robert Kingsbury with Danielle Baskerville and Janet Johnson

In Events on May 18, 2011 by danceumbrella

DanceTO Site Specific movement installation
May 24th at 12pm and 6pm
Trinity Bellwoods Park South Gate, moving north.

In, Of and With is a new site specific movement installation as part of DanceTO, directed by Robert Kingsbury, with Danielle Baskerville and Janet Johnson.

Starting at the south gates of Trinity Bellwoods Park the work travels up and around the park, as a pedestrian investigation of the places in our experience between fleeting conscious attention and the confounding persistence of the body. We awaken our peripheries as gateways between the blind interior of proprioceptive sensation and our visual field, the contents of which we consider so separate from ourselves. Axial polarities combine their opposing efforts towards a mysterious unity that brings mobility and connection. Responding to portable audio and perpetually hollowing toward an engaged stillness, a quiet is sought within tension.

Sponsored by Dance TO and The Department of Canadian Heritage through the Building Communities through Arts and Heritage program.

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