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PROJECT SYNOPSIS (still untitled)

PERFORMANCE: Sat. Aug. 13th, evening – TRANZAC club (Brunswick and Bloor)

REHEARSALS: Wednesdays in June (1, 8, 15, 22, 29) and July (6, 13, 20, 27) and August (3, 10), with some additional rehearsals between July 27th and Aug. 13th as needed.

An interdisciplinary (theatre/dance/film), multimedia performance of an original fairy tale. Our main character, Clara, is a princess who sets out to confront the curse that has plagued their family, killing her mother and three sisters before her. The script is being written with a focus on subverting the traditional fairy tale roles and themes; instead of waiting to be saved, the princess decides to set out by herself to confront her ‘fate’; instead of finding some external solution to her quest, the princess realizes that she can create her own ending.

The story will be told by two narrator storytellers – those are the only speaking parts. There will be a chorus of 5 dancers who will help to tell the story in movement. There will be a main character, Clara, and a scene with her three sisters. The backdrop will be projected film – which will create visuals for the settings. Music will be pretty eclectic – some Tom Waits, some Billie Holiday… and it will be played with and mixed by our composer. Choreography will be contemporary/modern dance.

If you are looking for a fun and innovative project for the summer, you’ve found it!

This is a non-profit show, so compensation will be paid in the form of candy and extreme appreciation!

email Alicia at with your name, age, a brief dance bio, headshot/picture and why you are interested in our project.

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