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Important for everyone who enjoys, works in or benefits from arts and culture in Toronto

Toronto City Council is looking for ways to address the city’s $774 million budget shortfall for 2012.

Every city service is being assessed for its importance and relevance to residents.  Budget decisions will be based on the results of the review.

What services are important to you?  The best way to make your voice heard  is to attend one of eight City Service Review sessions being held between May 24 and June 7 in various locations around the city.   Register now to attend a session. See the city’s service review web site for more details.

Where do the arts fit in all this?  

Creative Capital Gains, the updated Culture Plan going before City Council next week notes that Toronto’s cultural economy contributes more than $9 billion annually to Toronto’s GDP and employs more than 130,000 people.  The report recommends that Toronto keep pace with its international competitors by making a firm commitment to sustain Toronto’s cultural sector and position Toronto as a leading, globally competitive Creative Capital. It sets a target of $25 per capita funding for arts and culture.  Toronto’s current funding level is $17 per capita well behind our international competitors: (Chicago $26, Montreal $32, New York $74 and San Francisco $87).  The report concludes that culture is the fundamental driver of Toronto’s future prosperity.

Investing in Toronto’s arts sector will have a strong and lasting impact on our artists our neighbourhoods and the city’s future.

Register to attend a City Service Review session and let your voice be heard.

For questions or more information don’t hestitate to contact

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