Call to Artists: Kathak Mela

In Call to Artists on May 6, 2011 by danceumbrella

The Rina Singha Kathak Dance Organization is extending an invitation for emerging artists to participate in Kathak Mela August 20th 2011. 

Taking place at the Fairview Library Theatre, this daylong event will bring senior students from schools across the city together with Kathak artists from across the country.  There will be intensive Kathak workshops and lecture demonstrations.

The Mela will be an excellent opportunity for Kathak dancers, organizations, and schools to showcase their work.

For artists interested in participating please send a short bio (for dancers) or a brief organizational history and a 5-minute video of your work to:

Matt Sweet

c/o Dance Umbrella of Ontario

476 Parliament Street, 2nd Floor

Toronto, ON

M4X 1P2

For those interested in submitting a Youtube link, please submit a short bio or organizational history and the URL to:

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