2011 Volcano Conservatory – July 22 to 31

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The Volcano Conservatory returns! Remember to register early – classes fill fast!

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All classes will be held at the Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement (6 Noble Street)

1) Physicalizing Thought / Daniel Brooks / July 25 to 28
Legendary Canadian director Daniel Brooks leads a unique intensive exploration of how thought may be physicalized through action. Guided by Brooks, participants will begin to realize
these scenes on their feet, learning to unlock a character’s thinking, for both audience and performer, via Brooks’ own method of physical exploration. Particularly for actors, though also
highly recommended for directors.

2) Fitzmaurice Voicework / Noah Drew / July 29 to 31
A relatively new approach to training the voice from American Catherine Fitzmaurice, taught by one of the few registered teachers in the world, Vancouver-based Noah Drew. This technique
is now taught at the Harvard and Yale drama schools, and is tremendously effective in reducing vocal strain, while expanding vocal range and expressivity.

3) Movement for Actors / Peggy Baker / July 25 – 28
Canadian dance legend Peggy Baker is developing a special course expressly for the Volcano Conservatory to introduce some of her principles and techniques for expressive movement to theatre practitioners (as opposed to professional dancers). Peggy is regarded as one of the pre-eminent dance teachers in the world. This course is tremendously exciting. Top <#top>

4) Something From Nothing – Devised Theatre / Quinn Bauriedel (Pig Iron Theatre) / July 22 to 25
A class on how to devise theatre from scratch, through improvisation, taught by the co-founder of one of the most-lauded physical performance companies in the United States, Pig Iron

5) Bharatanatyam and Beyond / Nova Bhattacharya / July 30 and 31
An innovative look at the roots of one of the oldest classical dance forms on earth, India’s Bharatanatyam, fused with a contemporary approach to using the form as a basis for hybrid
performance, taught by one of Canada’s most recognized contemporary Bharatanatyam dancers. No formal training is required but some basic dance training is an asset.

6) Michael Chekhov Technique / Cynthia Ashperger/ July 26 to 28
This is arguably the most comprehensive acting training techniques there is, developed by Russia’s greatest actor of the 20th century (nephew of Anton Chekhov), and taught by one
of the world’s leading experts in the technique – Dr. Cynthia Ashperger, Director of Performance at Ryerson University.

7) Viewpoints Intensive / Michael Greyeyes/ July 22 to 24, 2011
Viewpoints is a unique training system used to develop actors’ and dancers’ sense of space and rhythm, through ingenious improvisational rules, developed by an American choreographer, honed by an American theatre director, and taught by acclaimed Canadian dancer, director and professor, Michael Greyeyes.

8 ) Introduction to Suzuki Actor Training / Michael Greyeyes / July 22 to 24
A Japanese physical training emphasizing discipline, concentration, strength, stamina and speed. A philosophically rigorous and physically demanding technique.

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