Workshop – ‘Tribal fusion inspirations’ – with DANIELLE LOTTRIDGE

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‘Soft, gooey, and with lots of variety: Tribal fusion inspirations from The Source’

We are THRILLED to bring you a most anticipated workshop by the AWE-INSPIRING: DANIELLE LOTTRIDGE!!

“The workshop will begin with a warm-up that explores the enormous variety in motivating the core set of belly dance basics. Then, we will learn combos that include slow and fast-moving gooey movements that showcase the softer, curvier side of tribal fusion. Danielle is honoured and excited to share her passion, her inspiration from the fusion greats in San Francisco, and her own fun-loving shenanigans.”

Sunday, May 29
2:00pm – 4:00pm

Location: Dragonfly Bellydance

Registration in Advance is required
$35 (no HST until May 20)
Spaces limited

Take this workshop and Zahira’s Captivating Stage Presence workshop BOTH for $60

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