Summer Classes – Tribal fusion style Belly dance (various levels)

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Summer classes with Audra Simmons

For the first time in over 5 years, Audra will be teaching regular summer classes at The Dark Side Studio.

Online registration:

The Dark Side Studio:

Wednesdays in July
July 6, 13, 20, 27
6-7 pm Basic Black
7:15-8:15 pm Dark Side Boot Camp
8:30-9:30 pm Dark Side Études

Location: The Dark Side Studio, 355-A College Street, Toronto, ON

This is the only session in which drop ins are permitted in all classes (other sessions you may drop in on Boot Camp only), though you may register for all 4 weeks of classes for a discounted price. As usual at the studio, your registration for a second (or third) class within the summer entitles you to a 15% discount on those classes.

Drop in class $23 (if space permits)

Single class for 4 weeks – $80
Two classes for 4 weeks – $80 + $68 = $148
Three classes for 4 weeks – $80 + $68 + $68 = $216

Basic black is the level for absolute beginners who have no experience in any style of belly dance as well as a requirement of those who have previous belly dance experience but are new to classes at The Dark Side Studio (with the exception of Valizan’s ATS classes). The basic concepts central to tribal fusion style belly dance are introduced at the Basic Black level through verbal breakdown and demonstration. Posture, muscle isolation, and dance movements are taught using stretching and strengthening exercises in the class warm up as well as in the drills used throughout each class. It is here in Basic Black that the concepts of this format used at all levels of the studio is introduced and practiced stationary and with basic footwork. Basic arm positions and hand movements are introduced and paired with isolations.

Dark Side Boot Camp is a multi-level drill style class is designed to assist dancers in refining your technique, in dancing with proper posture and continuing to develop your muscular isolation. Each week will focus on 2 to 3 isolations in stationary and moving drills done at various speeds, alone and paired with various foot and arm patterns in both stationary and moving drills.
This class is not meant to break you, but to develop your skills. Not intended for absolute beginners – some experience in belly dance is required.

Dark Side Études is a new class is based on the concept of taking a single aspect, movement or concept within our dance and exploring it through a variety drills and exercises both as a class and individually.
July 6 – feet and footwork (including but not limited to patterns, feeling the weight in your feet, foot positions and placement)
July 13 – arms and hands (not movements such as floreos, hand waves, but pathways, intention, weighted versus non-weighted)
July 20 – including the whole body into your dance. The idea is self explanatory, its implementation is another thing entirely.
July 27 – including the third dimension into your dance. Aspects such as weight, body position, arm position, feet/leg position considered in relation to the shapes we make as we dance.

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