Mud Lovers: Ass-kicking Cross Training

In Classes on May 4, 2011 by danceumbrella

Toronto Dance Community Love-In:

Location: Christie Pits Park:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:15am-9:15 am
Starting May 10

We will
-roll in the grass
-run up the hill
-jump over each other
-get good at push-ups
-climb up the hill
-frolic in the park
-have fun
-get strong!

Who is this class for?
-contemporary dancers wanting to improve strength and endurance
-movers of all kinds looking for a challenge
-anyone wanting to get in touch with their inner wild animal by getting together with awesome peeps for a fun and innovative workout

Instructors are certified personal trainers and professional contemporary dancers (and les animaux sauvages!)

Make sure you bring clothes to get sweaty and dirty in – possibly knee pads and gloves as well.

Fees: Sliding scale
$5-10 for professional artists (unless you’re an art star and make mad bank)
$10-$20 for other Humans depending on your ability to pay

We don’t want to exclude anyone because of lack of funds so get in touch if need be.

Come on out and have a great time!

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