Workshop with French choreographer Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh – May 8

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Toronto Dance Theatre is hosting a workshop with visiting French choreographer Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh on May 8 from 3pm-6pm at the Winchester Street Theatre.

During the workshop, dancers will work with Emmanuelle on the process of her latest work, -transire-, and experiment with how a choreographic work is altered with voice.
In -transire- two dancers and two vocalists share the stage. Both couples follow a score which takes them on intimate, yet separate journeys, from harmonious beginnings to the heightened energy of a trance-like state. Breadth and clarity give way to a frantic breakdown of flow as the performers seem to lose themselves in various states of consciousness before calm descends and a sense of wonder settles.
The workshop is $20, and registration is open until May 5th. To register email Nicole Cornish at . Workshop requires a minimum of 8 participants.

Nicole Cornish
Marketing and Outreach Coordinator
Toronto Dance Theatre

80 Winchester Street
Toronto, ON
M4X 1B2
Phone: (416) 967-1365
Fax: (416) 967-4379

New works by French choreographers Alban Richard and Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh
May 19-21 / 25-28 (8pm), May 22 (2pm) PWYC
Winchester Street Theatre for more information or to reserve tickets

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