Workshop – Ethiopian Eskesta with Saba: Jaivah Workshop Series

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Jaivah Workshop Series: Jaivah Nouvel Exposé is hosting monthly weekend dance workshops where you can experience the richness of diverse African dances, enjoy yourself and sweat!

DATE: Saturday and Sunday May 21-22, 2011
TIME: 12 – 1:30 pm
VENUE: 179 Dundas Street East (at Jarvis), Upstairs

ADVANCE: $20/workshop
DOOR: $25/workshop

REGISTRATION: Book your spot in advance in person at African Drums and Art Crafts, 618 Dundas W (at Augusta), 416.517.0175 – OR email us your name(s) and which session(s) you would like to attend at info@Jaivah.comand we’ll honor you the early registration price of $20 at the door.

INFO OR QUESTIONS: / 647.833.0752

ABOUT ESKESTA: Being one of the oldest civilizations of Africa, Ethiopia is a land of many cultures which give its music and dances a rich texture. Whether depicting every day life, telling the people’s story, or celebrating major events, the dances of Ethiopia are sheer expressions of joy in intense isolations and rhythms. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of the Eskesta dance. Eskesta is a popular dance in Ethiopia, originating from the Amhara people. It is a dance of isolations and shimmies, mostly in the upper body – shoulders, chest, neck with subtle footwork somewhat imitating the grace of birds.

INSTRUCTOR: Ethiopian-born Saba is a versatile and innovative dancer, choreographer and instructor. She is known for her uniqueness in both traditional and fusion styles of African, Middle Eastern and related dance forms. Her background being Ethiopian dance, Saba has further training and performing experience in styles such as Congolese Soukous, West African, Hip Hop and Bellydance. She has trained with Sonya Mann McFarlane of Imani Edutainers (USA), Yasmina Ramzy and Denise Mireau of Arabesque, DLM and others. Saba currently is a teacher and lead dancer with Arabesque Dance Academy and Company. She is also director and choreographer of her Jaivah aka Nouvel Exposé African Dance Troupe. Saba further collaborates with other artists for music videos and stage shows.

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