DivaGirl Instructional Workshops- Spring 2011!

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Get ready to get fit, have fun and feel sexy! All four instructional workshops below are part of the DivaGirl Community! Find out how you can start your own DivaGirl Business!   Get certified with DivaGirl!

Dance Grooves
Dance Grooves is a dance class series designed to highlight the important aspects of fitness, dance and fun.  In this workshop, you will experience the different styles of dance of Broadway Jazz, Hip Hop, Belly Dance, Disco, Salsa and Bollywood.  Get up and dance!

Sunday, April 17th: 1:30-4:30PM
CanDance Academy- Mississauga, ON

Sexy Fitness
Get fit- sexy styles!  In this workshop, we focus on learn basic movements on three various platforms: standing, wall and floor.  Choreography and teaching ideas are offer to aid in the creation of a sexy fitness class for the average woman!

1. Sunday, April 17th: 10AM-1PM
Can Dance Academy- Mississauga, ON

2. Sunday, May 29th: 1:30-4:30PM
The Extension Room- Toronto, ON

Welcome to Indian dance!  The Instructional Bollywood Workshop is an excellent introduction to various forms of Indian dancing, including Classical Indian Dance, Bollywood & Bhangra.  Regardless if you are a beginner or advanced learner, this is your opportunity to experience the world of Indian dance its culture.

1. Sunday, June 26th: 11AM-2PM
CanDance Academy- Mississauga, ON

Core-Pilates: Intro to Pilates for Fitness Professionals
Develop out-of-this-world abs with an intense fusion of Pilates and traditional mat-work. In this workshop we learn how to effectively recruit and isolate the deepest, hardest to reach abdominal muscles that get results fast. Learn how to choreograph, modify and teach 10 tried and true Pilates movements that you can easily incorporate into your group and private fitness classes. Rate: $99

1. Sunday, April 10th: 1:30-4:30PM
The Extension Room- Toronto, ON

2. Sunday, June 19th: 11AM-2PM
Can Dance Academy- Mississauga, ON

Each workshop is credited with 2 FIS CECs with  and cost $89/ea. For more information, please contact or visit


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