The Business of Art – six week course to help artists take control

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This April, in partnership with 918 Bathurst, Centre for Culture, Arts, Media and Education, CCCO is offering The Business of Art,

a six week course to help artists take control of their career and plan the steps for their success. The Business of Art is:

· Intensive practical course taught by industry experts
· Classroom sessions and homework assignments
· Entrepreneurial concepts for a successful career

The class will be held at 918 Bathurst St., conveniently located near the Bathurst St. subway on Wednesdays from 6 PM – 9 PM, beginning April 20th and continuing until May 25th.

‘I highly recommend this course. My business jumped 30% after I finished it. I left inspired and with a more defined vision for my career.’
– Kyra Millan, vocalist, arts educator and coach

‘Taking The Business of Art course in 2009 was one of the most valuable things I have done…. It gave me insight into my practice and helped me define where I really want to go with it. It was a lot of work, but also great fun…. By the time I completed the course I had a 12-page five-year business plan and by the end of 2010 I had accomplished or attempted all the 14 goals I set for myself. I would highly recommend this course to any artist interested in taking the mystery out of the business end of being an artist.’
– Camilla Geary-Martin, sculptor

‘Every artist deserves to be fairly compensated for their creation. If you take yourself seriously as an artist, and wish to take your art-as-business to the next level, The Business of Art Course is an invaluable introduction.’
– Bruce Dow, Actor, Broadway/Toronto, and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival

For more Information and easy registration, check  or call 416 – 340 – 0086.

Information also available at 918 Bathurst St. Centre 416 – 538–0868 or
There is a limited enrollment for this course.

CCCO Strategic Review Roundtables and Surveys

On March 8th and March 10th CCCO invited key stakeholders (CCCO members, representatives from not-for-profit and for-profit
companies and organizations and government representatives) to roundtable discussions on Human Resources and Career Development in the Cultural Sector. The roundtables were facilitated by Alan Kay of the Glasgow Group. CCCO also gathered information from a series of surveys to members and other stakeholders, and the results of the surveys, together with the ideas, themes and discussion from the workshop will help provide CCCO with strategic direction for the future. Thank you to all who
attended, and to all who completed the survey. Stay in touch with CCCO by visiting our website to check for job postings, career skills and other business tips, and the latest in research and information!

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