Contemporary classes with Jasmyn Fyffe (beg and int/adv)

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Class begins with a floor warm up, continues with technique in the center, progresses with across the floor combinations and then we explore and learn a center combination. There is a focus the relationship of the torso to the rest of the body and movement from the core which will provide heightened awareness of body initiations. The use of breath and the range and quality of movement is also explored as a means of dancing from the inside out.
The class is dynamic, energetic, physical and fulfilling.

Date: Thurs, March 24, 2011

Location: Rhythm Dance Studio, 6A TIPPETT ROAD, TORONTO, ON M3H2V2

Time: (beg) 7-8:15 (int/adv) 8:20-9:45

Cost: $12 (or you can take both classes for $20)

To pre-register, please email me at

“. . .work I found quite absorbing”
Anya Wassenberg (

“. . Jasmyn is like Alvin Ailey meets street dancer”
Allan Ferguson (Director: Nelly Furado Music Video)

“movement was intricate, punctuated and fluid all at the same time”
Cynthia Croker (Director: Motus O Dance Theatre)

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