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August 15 – August 21 2011

Year Two: One Week, Two Venues,Three Dance Series, Seven Performances, 48 Choreographers, Over 100 Performers

2011 Festival applications are now available online at

Deadline for Festival Applications: Midnight March 15, 2011


Mirroring Canada’s multi-cultural diversity, The D2D Festival is open to all emerging, mid-career and established Dance Artists without bias. All applicants must have completed basic dance training or possess comparable professional experience. In the event that an applicants dance modality is not compatible with conventional dance training, the Artistic Director will base a decision on the strength of the Applicant’s application coupled with a brief interview.


Series One: Eros, Thanatos & the Avant-Garde ~ The Cabaret Series.

Venue: The Rivoli, 332 Queen St. West

House: Capacity 200 (total)

Space: Performance area: 22 feet x 22 feet. Limited technical support.

Pieces: 12 Dance Artists, live music, film, multi-media performance.

Eros, Thanatos & the Avant-Garde ~ The Cabaret Series presents work in the disciplines of dance, film, and multi-media performance created and performed by emerging and established artists. This is a curated event.


Series Two: D2D DNA-MITE!

Venue: The Winchester Street Theatre

House: 125 seats.

Space: Conventional Theatre. Letter / Black Box

Length: Limited to 7 minutes max

Artists: 10 Artists per show program. Max 20 Artists (2 Programs)

Shows: 2 Shows

Artists: 7 Dance Artists per program x 2 evening programs

Application fee: $199

Processing fee: $25

Artists receive $1 from every ticket sold for the 2 shows they perform in.


Series Three: D2D DLX!

Venue: The Winchester Street Theatre

House: 125 seats

Space: Conventional Theatre. Letter / Black Box

Tech: 35 minutes. No limit on lighting cues.

Length: Limited to12 minutes max

Artists: 6 Artists per show program. Max 12 Artists (2 Programs)

Shows: 2 Shows.

Application fee: $285

Processing fee: $25

Artists receive $2 from every ticket sold to their shows.


Curatorial Statement:

D2D dance series are curated and selected by different methods. The Eros Cabaret Series is curated entirely by the Artistic Director. Performers are invited to perform by the Artistic Director and are encouraged to discuss potential proposals well in advance of the D2D Festival in August.


All D2D DNA-MITE! and D2D DLX!

Applicants must have completed basic professional dance training or have comparable experience. Applications will be selected by the Artistic Director based on the strength of the written proposal / piece description. Strong applications that attract the interest of the Artistic Director will be selected outright. The remaining applications will continue on to a final lottery selection process that will be held live at the Eros Cabaret on March 30th, 2011. Applications that do not meet the basic requirements will be removed from the selection process and the applicant will be contacted via email to inform them.

Lottery Selection Process:

If your application is entered into the Lottery, the draw will be held live at the Rivoli during the Eros Cabaret on the evening of March 30th, 2011. Successful applicants will be notified via email in early April.

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