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The program is the three day Choreographic Marathon where 5 choreographers and their dancers will spend over 26.2 hours on creative flow, discovery and performance. Upon reflecting on their Choreographic Marathon experience, M. Caldwell writes, “When all barriers melt away from plain exhaustion, only the essence of a person’s humanity remains.”

We are looking for volunteers interested in being part of the creative process. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the choreographic process, as well as receive some training. The choreographers and dancers will work in the studio developing work, and do showings for group feedback. The type of jobs available for volunteers would be videotaping sessions in studios, taking notes, and helping with the general running of the program. Being a volunteer for the Choreographic Marathon in the past, it was very inspiring to see the artists go through their creative process, face challenges, and come up with surprising results. Maxine Heppner was a continuous source of ideas and encouragement, motivating everyone to exceed their own limitations. However, it was the most rewarding to see the work develop and change, knowing that I was an integral part of the process. The Choreographic Marathon was one of the most interesting and hand-on volunteering experiences that I have had, and I recommend it to everyone.

The program begins on Friday December 17th at 3 pm, and the marathon itself starts on Saturday morning at 9 am until midnight, and resumes again Sunday December 19th at 7am until 4 pm. Volunteers are asked to be there for a minimum of 4 hours on one of the days, but are encourage to participate in the entire marathon.

On Friday December 17th from 3-8 pm there is a seminar being offered to the public by Maxine Heppner on choreographic principles. It costs $25 ($20 for students), but volunteers are able to attend for free.

For more information, go to our website at .

Please let me know as soon as possible whether you are able to volunteer since spots are limited!


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