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In communities around Toronto, April 29 – May 26, 2011

DanceTO is pleased to announce the fifth annual International Dance Day celebrations! For the 2011 International Dance Day we are encouraging local artists in Toronto to bring dance into their community. Whether it is at your local park, café or another found location our goal is to bring dance to people where they live and work.  You will have the opportunity to introduce dance into an environment where the general public and your potential audiences will be accessible to you.

We are now accepting applications from artists to perform, teach and create different community based activities. The performances and workshops must take place within Toronto and can be at local parks, coffee shops, anywhere you think dance could be/should be. If you have an idea to bring dance into your community please send in a package with your ideas.

We are currently seeking funding for the presentation of these projects, fees ranges from $800 to $1500. This funding we are pursuing will be for multiple years, if you have an idea that you would like to have presented at the 2012 International Dance Day please submit. We will help you with seeking funding for the creation of this work and we would be able to give you a presentation fee for the work.

For performances, we are looking to support performances that will occur multiple times between April 29 and May 26, 2011. These could be short 5 to 20 minute performances that, for example, happen every Tuesday at noon at a certain location. Or these could be a series of performances that occur at different locations around a community.   We are excited about the idea of dance happening anywhere and everywhere.

DanceTO is looking to also support ventures that have the potential to be sustained in the communities in which they are developed and that these events will be able to continue to grow in the community.

International Dance Day is a UNESCO designated day for celebrating dance and dance artists. People worldwide are encouraged to experience dance, whether it is dancing in the streets or going to see a live performance.
How to apply:

  • Information sheet with: Company & member names, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, and website
  • A description of the choreography, workshop or community event you plan to offer.
  • A brief biography and dance resume
  • Recent reviews
  • The work you will be presenting or a representative example of what you propose in: DVD, VHS, or url for youtube or on-line content.


We are especially interested in projects that have the potential to become annual and/or on-going dance/dance activities in a neighbourhood.



Send your completed application package to:
DanceTO c/o The Dance Umbrella of Ontario
490 Adelaide Street West, #201
Toronto, ON M5V 1T2
E-mail inquiries to

DanceTO was formerly called the Toronto Dance Day Committee. For more information on the committee and committee members, please contact Christine Moynihan at 416-504-6429 x 28 or


DanceTO would like to give a special thanks to the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage.



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