CALL:Multi-Arts Festival- Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week 2011

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Multi-Arts Festival – Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week “Fashion Schematics” 2011
Produced by Fashion. Art. Toronto. |FAT|

Entry Deadline: December 22, 2010 (early Deadline)
January 9, 2011 (late deadline)

Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week aka |FAT| is looking for contemporary artists working in photography, video, installation art, performance art, dance, music and design to showcase their work in the upcoming festival in April 2011.

In it’s sixth year, Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week exhibits photography, short films, videos and large projections from over 50 emerging and acclaimed, national and international artists annually. In addition, we showcase cutting-edge, dynamic and forward-looking performances from performance artists, fashion designers, musicians and dancers along side sculptures, installations and large multimedia art works that reflect on the notion of the body, clothing and fashion.

Starting this month, those who are interested in participating can download applications through our website:

We are currently accepting proposals in:

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Performance Art
  • Installation/ Sculpture
  • Dance
  • Fashion Design
  • Music

* Submitted proposals should reflect on the notion of clothing, the body, fashion and the 2011 theme “Fashion Schematics”

Thematic Approach:
The 2011 theme “Fashion Schematics” explores the messages, systems, schemes, symbols and concepts inherent in the notion of fashion, through photography, video, fashion design, performance, installation and music. The festival will look at the ways we create visual dialogues and make sense of the world through fashion and creative expression. “Fashion Schematics” will examine how we build the systems in which we function, the strategies we use in creating our identities and the messages we convey through codes, currencies and narratives.

ABOUT Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week |FAT|
Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week is a platform for inventive, pioneering and contemporary expression. This annual 5-day, multi-arts event features 200 visual artists, designers and performers from across the country each year. Set to take place April 25-29, 2011, at Studio City in Liberty Village, Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week draws over 5,000 visitors, including industry professionals, curators, critics, the press and the public.

Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week is produced by Fashion. Art. Toronto |FAT|, a multi-faceted non-profit organization dedicated to building greater interest in contemporary Canadian arts and design practices.

Entry Deadline: December 22, 2010
January 9 2011 (late deadline)

To participate visit:

For application inquiries, please contact:
| Vanja | email: | 647.834.0061 |

For media inquiries, please contact:
| Vida | email: | 647.834.0061 |


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