Call for Proposals – rock.paper.sistahz 10th Anniversary Festival

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May 10-20, 2011

Call for Proposals due December 10, 2010

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Since 2002 we have been proudly producing the annual rock.paper.sistahz festival. This annual mainstay event which concentrates mainly on presenting performance work by black women artists and artists of colour has generated a fast growing and valued venue for experimental work from black theatre creators.Taking its name and form from the well-known hand game, the festival is always dynamic, fast-paced, and surprising as we strive to develop and present fresh material, performance styles, and ideas seldom seen in professional contemporary spaces; while also focusing on themes, forms, and styles which have grown out of the black diasporic culture.

Our continuing goal for the rps festival is:

* to create a gathering in the season of new growth for just that… new growth
* to promote the voices of emerging and established artists alike
* to expand opportunities for black women artists to have their work nurtured from beginnings, through incubation, and into completion
* to create a public space for galvanizing and stimulating interaction among black women artists
* to deepen the company’s vision of creating spaces where the life-affirming effects of the collision of art and culture and everyday life can have positive impacts on the general community.

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