Series 8:08 ATC Workshop with Patricia Kuypers

In Workshops on November 11, 2010 by danceumbrella

The Invisible Score

November 15th to 18th
10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Dovehouse Dance Ballroom
805 Dovercourt Rd, 2nd floor

Full price: $250

Workshop open to professional dance artists, and dance students in their final two years of a professional dance training program who have Contact Improvisation and or dance improvisation experience and a desire to deepen their artistic research through this medium.

My recent research on solo improvisation has drawn my attention to a deeper power, what I call “Interior Techniques.” Through this inner investigation, we become more attuned to sensations that further clarify, open and give support to new movements patterns or qualities. Our dance improvisation takes root in very concrete body explorations, with the proposal to access lesser known places of the body and a conscious use of it. With these tools, we will visit various deep body connections, inside the torso, alone and with the touch of a partner, and have the opportunity to draw on and experience Steve Paxton’s “Material for the Spine.” We will bring this technical background to our duet dance explorations. Focusing on perception, touch, and modes of attention, we will develop ways to let imagination and inventiveness arise in the interactive score of Contact Improvisation. The listening process, with all the senses and a refined kinaesthetic clarity will help us to play with a more open range of conscious possibilities when improvising with partners.

Patricia Kuypers decided to follow the path of dance improvisation after her meeting and collaboration with Steve Paxton in the 1980s and after attaining her Masters degree in psychology. Recognizing the lack of experience in the area of new dance and research in dance in her native Belgium, she founded and developed the resource centre, “Contredanse”, which invites artists for artistic exchanges to research in dance and has become a publishing centre of the magazine, “Nouvelles de danse” and books on dance research in the field of improvisation, composition, as well as art and science disciplines. At the same time, she is involved in personal and collaborative dance projects that she presents all over Europe in theatre, improvised music festivals, alternative spaces and studios. She also teaches extensively in dance institutions, universities and visual art at La Cambre in Brussels. Her last artistic works with her partner, Franck Beaubois engaged in interactive systems, using video feedback and delay as sources of dance exploration . Patricia also has a practice in yoga and shiatsu and still reserves time for research on dance improvisation and writing on this subject.


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