2011 Fringe Lottery- deadline Nov. 15!

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Friends, Fringers, Countrypersons,

We’re so excited for next year’s Fringe and hope you are too.

The past few years have seen extraordinary change at the Fringe – we’ve launched a whole second festival with Next Stage, found a new home for the summer festival at Honest Ed’s, introduced our youth and artist outreach programs, and have grown and expanded in ways we’re really proud of.

With so much change, we’re dedicating this year to getting back to basics, specifically when it comes to presenting the most exciting, most dynamic art in our country. Our mandate is simple: we enable access to creative opportunities for anyone who wants to tell a story. The Fringe isn’t just a talent market or a stepping stone, it’s a place to express yourself and challenge those around you, and we’d like to declare Fringe ’11 as being all about your art.

For our part, we’re reviewing our procedures to make it easier for artists to focus on the creative process (like our new application forms!) and securing resources to make sure our operations do your work justice. As well as the established lottery categories, we’re announcing a new category of productions you can submit to, replacing the BYOV category with the Site-Specific Art Category.

For your part, we’re calling on you to keep challenging us, keep bringing us art that is relevant and exciting, and that represents the diversity of our community. There’s room for everything at the Fringe, from mainstream offerings ready to be picked up by impresarios to sublingual interpretive body poetry. Your voice is important, and we want to give it a home.

Good luck with the lottery and with your art!

– The Fringe

Due to the HST, we have been forced to marginally increase both the lottery and participation fee.Lottery Application Fee: $27.00 (pre-tax $23.89, a $0.00 increase)
Participation Fee:
Regular and Full Site Specific: $715 (pre-tax $632.74, a decrease of the base rate of $36.29 from last year)
Fringekids!: $615 (pre-tax $544.25, a decrease of $29.20) 

Read the lottery rules for more information

Important Dates 

  • September 15th: applications available online
  • November 15th: application deadline (5pm)
  • November 29th: date to which $715 fee may be post dated
  • November 29th: lottery at Theatre Passe Muraille, details tbc.

The Fringe Festival runs from July 6-17, 2011.

And – new and improved this year – site-specific art and (frankly) no one does site-specific better than dance – so give this category consideration – all the info you need is below.

Site-Specific Art Category

Many moons ago, when the Fringe had four venues and the century started with a 19, the ancients introduced the Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV) category to provide room in the festival for works that didn’t fit in a regular theatre space.  Much has changed since then, and today the Toronto Fringe presents perhaps the largest number of lottery drawn shows of North American Fringes at 14 main venues across the city, as has been accepting 20 “BYOV” shows a year on a first-come-first-served basis.  But to be honest, it’s not working out that well… genuine BYOVs are on the decline while applications from shows not drawn in the lottery are on the rise.  We’re also concerned about the trend of a given venue programming productions, which violates part of our mandate. So, as we approach 2011 we’re taking BYOV back to its roots and giving it a rebrand.  Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome your newest member of the Fringe Family, replacing the contentious BYOVs, we are now accepting applications to the Site Specific Art category.

So, what IS this category?  Well…

  • Site-Specific Art is created to exist in a certain place.
  • Site-Specific Art is a performance that couldn’t take place in a traditional theatre.
  • Site-Specific Art animates an unexpected location with performance.
  • Site-Specific Art challenges our view of spaces and places.

What ISN’T eligible in this category?  Well…

  • Shows that should/could be performed in our regular venues.
  • Shows that use the category to bypass the lottery.
  • Shows at a venue hub (more than one show at a single Site) that don’t use the space uniquely.

What are the rules? Well…

  1. The category is first come, first served, up to (but not necessarily as many as) 20 applications.
  2. To receive a Site-Specific Art Application, you must pre-qualify by filling in a short form <>  that answers:

    1. Where your proposed production would take place…
    2. Why your production has to be there and how it will use the space (see criteria above)…
    3. How you plan to secure the site (sites do not need to be fully confirmed prior to pre-application)…
    4. Your contact info (name and phone number)
  3. The regular application fee applies ($27.00), but participation fee (reg. $715.00) will be based on a total capacity basis (venues with capacity of less than 50/performance can discuss multiple daily showings and/or lower participation fees).
  4. Once pre-qualified, all Fringe rules apply and you will be sent the full application and payment information.
  5. Applicants to the regular lottery cannot apply to the Site Specific category until after the lottery, and then only if they were not already drawn into the Festival.
  6. Shows should be within the following geographic area: Dupont St. to the North, Adelaide St. to the South, University Ave. to the East and Crawford St. to the West.  Applications outside these boundaries will only be considered under very special circumstances.


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