Call for Submissions – CRAPSHOOT

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We want you to take a Gamble on you!

The Elephants in the Room would like to invite artists of all disciplines to audition for the first ‘CRAPSHOOT’ of the season at Theatre Passe Muraille’s Cabaret Stage!

If you don’t know, Crapshoot is an evening of late-night, rapid-fire performances featuring new work by some of the best of Toronto’s up-and-coming talent, complete with a ticking clock and obnoxiously loud buzzer!

On Friday, December 3, our carefully selected artists, will all grace the stage in a random order, as selected by the audience during the show. Each group/performer will have a total of 5 minutes on stage to try out a new work in front of a lively audience willing to take a gregarious gamble. The audience will decide who will have a longer-than-five-minute time slot in our next Crapshoot!

We welcome actors, directors, writers, musicians, comedians, dancers, producers, visual artists and anyone who rolls over the boundaries between these roles. Our evenings are typically put together with a variance in mind, so ante up and go all in!

Application Process

Please follow the guidelines carefully. Only those selected for an audition will be contacted. Auditions will take place between Nov 12-15th. Not every submission will guarantee an audition.
Failure to follow the guidelines means your application will not be considered.

Please fill out the questions below and send your application to: before the witching hour (1200) on Monday, Nov 8th, 2010.
We cannot accept any applications after this date!

1. Who are you? (Name, theatre background, company affiliations, anything else you briefly want to tell us.)
2. How can we get a hold of you? (Phone, email, etc.)
3. Where might we have seen you before? (Previous productions, workshops, other artistic endeavors.)
4. Have you been to a CRAPSHOOT?
5. In 100 words or less, what have you got for us? Creativity and originality accepted graciously.
6. Who is your (or your company’s) greatest inspiration? And why? 25 words or less please.


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