Want to be a Dance Teacher? Pollock Studio is Hiring

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Pollock Studio, conveniently located at Davisville Subway station, has been providing Latin and Ballroom dance instruction for the past 57 years. Due to the growing popularity of dance in Toronto, undoubtedly fueled by popular TV programs such as ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, Pollock Studio is one of the studios in Toronto that finds itself in need of more instructors with experience in Ballroom dance.

So if you have some experience and would like to teach, this may be a good opportunity for you!
Experience in Ballroom dancing (especially American style) is preferred, but promising candidates will receive training. If you have had previous training in Jazz, Ballet or other dance forms, or you have taken some lessons in Latin, Ballroom or Salsa Dancing, or if you are anenthusiastic individual who has always had a passion to dance and are willing to work hard, you may be considered for their training program:
Pollock Dance Teacher Training Program
Individuals who are accepted into the program will blend theoretical dance knowledge with practical hands-on experience while they are in training. Youwill learning the North American DVIDA syllabus for Latin and Ballroom Dancing (Lead & Follow). You will also be working towards your membership examinations with the CDF (Canadian Dancesport Federation).

* Find out more at Pollock Dance Studio’s Career Page.

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