2010 Soo Ryu Dance Festival–Woon Ryuk

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Presented by the Korean Dance Studies Society of Canada

Date: November 19-21, 2010.

Location: Betty Oliphant Theatre, Toronto


7:30 pm on Nov. 19–Workshop and demonstration on traditional Korean shamanistic arts

7:30 pm on Nov. 20 and 2:00 pm on Nov. 21—Performance

Ticket price (group price for 10 persons or more): $20 ($16) for workshop, $30 ($25) for each performance, $65 ($60) for all 3 days

For information, please call: 416-443-9329 or email:

For ticket, please use Ticketmaster: 1-888-222-6608 or

Woon Ryuk literally means “cloud power.” It is a metaphor for collecting all the individuals’ power to create a larger, earth-shaking force. In this year’s Soo Ryu Dance Festival, we celebrate the power of the people and their spiritual connections with the earth. Guest performers include: Zab Maboungou, the Little Pear Garden Collective, Sashar Zarif and the Mi Young Kim Dance Company

Our special guest artist will be Keum Hwa Kim (South Korea). Keum Hwa Kim is a master shaman and a pioneer in putting traditional shaman rituals onto the professional stage as an art. She made her mark through her contribution to anthropology, working with Claude Levi–Strauss, the Royal Anthropological Institute, the Smithsonian Institute and others. She was awarded the title of National Cultural Treasure in 1984, and her Seo Hae An P’ungoche was designated an Intangible National Cultural Property. Since then she has performed all over the world. More recent appearances were in Paris (2002), Hawaii (2002) and at the Lincoln Centre (2003). The 2010 Soo Ryu Dance Festival will be Keum Hwa Kim’s Canadian debut.

We offer different, exciting programs on each day of the festival. Workshop and performance led by Master Shaman Keum Hwa Kim is on Nov. 19, while Sashar Zarif and Mi Young Kim will demonstrate contemporary, artistic interpretation of shaman dance. Evening performance by Zab Maboungou, Keiko Thomas from the Little Pear Garden Collective and Mi Young Kim Dance Company on Nov. 20. Master Shaman Keum Hwa Kim demonstrating the Seo Hae An P’ungoche (a blessing ritual for the fishermen in the west coast) with her seven assistants at the matinee on Nov. 21. Korean shaman rituals are multi-disciplinary performances, rich in drama, dance and music, with a lot of interaction and emotional connection with the observers. Festival package specials are available.

The Soo Ryu Dance Festival started in 2003 and became a biennial event in 2006. The mandate of Soo Ryu is to offer a stage for the highly artistic dance performance of both established dancers and emerging artists of diverse cultural backgrounds in order for the audience to experience something unique and exciting to enrich diversity and multiculturalism.

The Korean Dance Studies Society of Canada (KDSSC) is a creative dance organization that honours Korean tradition and culture while collaborating across cultures and generations.

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