Workshops: Spatial Touch/Fearless Dancing and Choreographies of Contemplation at the 2010 Volcano Conservatory

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Workshops: Spatial Touch/Fearless Dancing and Choreographies of Contemplation at the 2010 Volcano Conservatory

Instructor David Brick (Headlong Dance Theater, Philadelphia) is one of the most exciting dance theatre theoreticians and creators working in the US today. David’s unique approach combines influences from releasing technique, contact, butoh, and pedestrian movement to great effect. He’s teaching two workshops – one called Fearless Dancing for dancers, and movement-based performers (David works a lot with Lecoq-trained performers in the USA), and another very interesting masterclass, Choreographies of Contemplation, looking at time and composition, and playing with how time functions on stage, designed for directors, choreographers and performers.

Spatial Touch/Fearless Dancing
AUGUST 26 to 28
1:30pm to 4:00pm
Fees: $170.00

Choreographies of Contemplation
9:30am to 4:00pm
Fees: $140.00

Special price for taking both courses: $270.00

Please contact Ellen Bayley for more information at
Volcano Conservatory website: www.
Or call 416-538-4436

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