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Choreo Cookies workshop
We have finally found our location for the Choreo Cookies workshop on August 8, 2010.

Regular rates apply. If you have a group of 5 or more, make sure to email the full names to by August 6.

How often does an amazing opportunity like this happen? And if you miss it, will you be sorry? If your answer leans towards the yes, then it’s a simple choice. JUST DON’T MISS IT.


Take the Choreo Cookie 2 Week Intensive at VYbE: Starts August 6 and ends August 15! All participating students will get to have an intimate evening of BBQ at Teego’s country crib with the Choreo Cookies! Not to mention about 42 hours of intense dance training!

For serious inquiries, email

VYbE Dance Company


Caribbean Fusion with Cassandra Fox
Caribbean fusion is a fun, energetic dance which blends Caribbean movement and music with Bellydance movement.

In this workshop you will be introduced to some fun Caribbean moves and also ways to increase fluidity and range in both stationary and traveling steps. Come prepared to smile and sweat!

call to register: 416-920-5593

Aug. 21, 2010

at: Arabesque – 1 Gloucester Street, Suite #107, Toronto, ON
Arabesque Academy – School of Middle Eastern Dance and Music Arts

Cassandra Fox:
Cassandra’s Jamaican heritage is what largely influenced her love of dance. Being the first generation born in Canada to Jamaican parents, Caribbean culture, it’s music and dance were a very large part of her upbringing. Her Grandmother Zoe started her on her dance journey by showing her the “Goombay Roll” at the age of 6. Cassandra always loved dance and embraced her Jamaican heritage but had always just danced for fun. In 2007 she came across a video of Russian belly dancer Natalia Strelchenko (now known as Natalia Fadda) and was instantly in love with belly dance. She began pursuing belly dancing by repeatedly watching performance videos of Natalia and other dancers (Kahina of Brazil has been a huge influence, as well as recently Darya Mitskevich of the Ukraine) frame by frame and breaking down their movements to teach herself. Once she began to understand the basic foundation movements of Belly dance she saw similarities with the dancing of Caribbean culture and fus! ed the two together to form a fusion dance which embraces and maintains the femininity, beauty, elegance and grace of belly dance while attaching the energy, freedom and celebration of Caribbean dancing.

Intro to Tribal Fusion with Rosanna McGuire
Arabesque Academy – School of Middle Eastern Dance and Music Arts

Get your introduction to Tribal Fusion from Toronto/San Francisco dancer Rosanna McGuire!

Aug. 7, 2010
at: Arabesque – 1 Gloucester Street, Suite #107

see more about Rosanna here:

Call to register: 416-920-5593

Sword Skills with Laura Selenzi
Sword Skills: Sword technique and a fusion choreography will be taught in this exciting workshop! Includes balancing, dramatic poses, floorwork and more!

Aug. 28, 2010

at: Arabesque – 1 Gloucester Street, Suite #107, Toronto, ON
Arabesque Academy – School of Middle Eastern Dance and Music Arts

call to register: 416-920-5593

more about Laura

Laura Selenzi is a lead dancer in Arabesque as well as co-founder of world fusion group Cabaret Serpentine. Inspired by traditional Middle Eastern dances as well as spanish, hip-hop, tribal fusion, Indian dance and circus arts, she is committed to exploring the ancient roots as well as the exciting modern potential of Bellydance. Having performed in Turkey, India, and all over Canada, Laura has over twelve years of training in this art form. Learning from some of the world’s best including Aziza, Rachel Brice, Suhaila Salimpour, Aida Nour, Sahra Saeeda, Tito and Hadia, she credits her current teacher Yasmina Ramzy for the majority of her professional training. Laura has released an instructional bellydance DVD and loves to teach; she strives to create a safe, fun and transformative dance experience. In addition to her dance education, Laura holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and is a Registered Massage Therapist.
Pop Choreography with LouLou

Choreography to a fun pop song with Loulou.
Arabesque technique + a popular pop song + some Spanish flare = An energetic and dynamic choreography you can perform anywhere is sure to delight your audience.

Sept. 18, 2010
2:30 – 5:30
at: Arabesque – 1 Gloucester Street, Suite #107, Toronto, ON
Arabesque Academy – School of Middle Eastern Dance and Music Arts

call to register: 416-920-5593

Loulou is a professional Middle Eastern dance artist and instructor known for her grace and elegance. Her passion for dance began with Latin ballroom training at the Dancing at Twilight studio and continued at the UFT dance club where she was an active member, regularly taking classes in several dance styles. She first discovered the enchanting art of belly dance in 2003. She quickly fell in love with the rich music, the complex movements and everything to do with this ancient and yet always evolving art form and it has been her passion ever since. She has studied extensively with master teacher Yasmina Ramzy in Toronto; she joined Arabesque Dance Company in 2006 and went on to become a lead dancer of the company in 2008 and a member of the teaching faculty at Arabesque Academy. She has performed in major productions Asala (2006 Arabesque production) and La Traviata in 2007 with the Canadian Opera Company. Loulou choreographed a dance piece for the talent portion of the! Miss Kohinoor International Beauty Pageant for the 2009 winning contestant. In September 2009 Loulou moved to Barcelona, Spain where she spent the year studying dance under the tutelage of several master teachers and perfecting her third language. Loulou is committed to providing quality, artistic and passionate work as a performer and teacher.

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