Call to Artists: HarbourKIDS

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Call to Artists -HarbourKIDS

Harbourfront Centre is currently considering programming submissions for the upcoming HarbourKIDS taking place October 9 – 11, 2010, Thanksgiving Weekend.

HarbourKIDS was launched in 2007 as a programme designed from a kid’s eye view of the world, exploring arts and culture concepts relevant to contemporary children and families. Each HarbourKIDS programme is focused around a concept. This October, the concept we have chosen to focus on is HARVEST.

What do you think of when you hear the word HARVEST? It means many things to different people and can include all kinds of programming possibilities.

We want HarbourKIDS HARVEST to include fun and innovative programming that empowers kids and their imagination. We would like it to be an event where creative ideas can collide and young people can learn more about what HARVEST means to them. One of the anchor programmes during HarbourKids HARVEST is a photographic exhibition called BEYOND IMAGININGS: THE GREEN BELT PROJECT. Each photographer has been chosen to explore three specific areas of importance to the Greenbelt: Working the Land, Natural Beauty and People of the Greenbelt. The Ontario Greenbelt is a permanently protected area of green space, farmland, forests and wetlands where many people live and work.
We are currently in the process of finalizing programming and we are looking to present interactive installations, performances and artist-led workshops involving local artists from all disciplines. Past HarbourKIDS weekends have been wonderful presenting opportunities for a variety of local Toronto artists and we hope to continue to give this opportunity to you. Our goal is to focus on programs that are inspired by and investigate HARVEST within the following contexts:

1- Interactive art installation or performance
2- Drop-in workshops that could culminate in performance, particularly involving dance or movement.
3- ‘Make and take’ or interactive activities that allow participants to join in at any point, such as leaving a footprint
or handprint on the world.
4- Performances that allow for collaboration between adult artists and children.
5- Artist led collaborations between parents and children.

We are interested in hearing all and any ideas at this point in the process. We have a budget for artist fees and materials, dependent on the scale of the proposed project.

We are asking for all proposals to be submitted by Friday July 2nd.

Please submit proposals to Abby Charchun at .
Feel free to include more than one scenario, and please include a paragraph long description of your project, bios of artists, approximate costing as well as web links where applicable. Please see below for more information on HarbourKIDS and the creative brief for HARVEST

HarbourKIDS philosophy:

– HarbourKIDS consists of programming specifically designed for children 5-12 years of age, their adult caregivers and intergenerational families.

– HarbourKIDS explores big ideas for children and families through Harbourfront Centre’s lens of:
– Contemporary arts and culture
– Multidisciplinary approach
– Curatorial vision
– Local and International perspectives
– Artist driven exploration

– HarbourKIDS challenges kids’ ideas, give them agency, validate and illuminate their values and ask some questions of kids that aim to ignite imagination, creativity and thought.

– HarbourKIDS aims to be relevant and responsive to, and reflective of, contemporary children and families.

– HarbourKIDS engages audiences and participants as much as possible through interactive and participatory programming elements, rather than elements that are purely consumptive, passive or pedagogical.

– HarbourKIDS acts as a catalyst for interaction between children and their caregivers.

– HarbourKIDS ensures the accessibility of programming for children, as well as all physical elements and interfaces. Ensure the language is chosen and designed with them in mind.

– HarbourKIDS ensures that the entry point and accessibility for the child will be considered as much as possible in the physical design and use of language for all programming materials.


The big idea for this October is HARVEST. HarbourKIDS HARVEST will bring kids together to celebrate the power of community from a local, national and global perspective. Kids will get a chance to investigate our changing world and discover new and profound ways they make a positive impact. Sustainability, local farmers, global connection, giving thanks – these are all ideas that we are working on for the upcoming HarbourKIDS HARVEST.

What ideas do you have? We are excited to hear from you!

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