Canada Arts Connect

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Canada Arts Connect is a website where Canadian Artists, Writers, Musicians, Photographers, Actors, Dancers, Designers, (and all other arts professionals) can connect with jobs, opportunities, resources, and each other.

With a daily readership of thousands of artistic professionals across the country, CAC continues to grow each and every day.

Listing jobs, auditions, calls for submissions, internships, calls for volunteers, workshops / classes, space for rent, events, news, and any other artist opportunities! (If you have a listing for CAC, here is a link to the info:

Created and run by an artistic professional for artistic professionals, it is a site that is meant to help those in the field find the opportunities that are out there.

If you have any questions about the site please feel free to contact me at

Desirée Ossandon
Canada Arts Connect
Where Canadian artistic professionals can connect with jobs, opportunities, resources, and each other!

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